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The Publishers, The Makers, and my self do not in anyway endorse the kind of behavior depictured in these video games.


Merry Christmas



I actually got the game on the day of release (10/26/04) and Iím working on completing the mission ďOG LOCĒ thatís has far as Iíve gotten, Iím also on the Mission ďRobbing Uncle SamĒ I think my game is messed up because it says Freddy got away but he was below me, I was above him, on a bridge. Any help would be appreciated.



Iím Renovating the site for the new game. The old site is available HERE. It will be some time until all the links work on the new site.

You can access the downloads, cheats, and screenshots now (when they are up and working) I plan on getting the site done by late August at the latest.















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