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Take the Wheel (and the trigger)
"Incredible" -- Official PlayStation Magazine
"Bigger and more beautiful than ever before" -- IGN

Driv3r is a good game for that hard-core Driver Fan, When I launched the game the first time and took a ride I said that this looks like THE GETAWAY, but trust me nothing could be that sucky. This game is fun, it features 3 cities (Miami, Nice, Istanbul) it has weapons from a .45 to a grenade launcher, similar to the .45 and the grenade launcher on TRUE CRIME: Streets of LA. It also features Boats, Cars, Trucks, Buses, Tandem Tractors, and an 18-wheeler. The most helpful feature I found was the ability to swim, if your car accidentally goes into the ocean then get and swim back to the beach. Ill add more to this part of the site.


Driver is rated M for MATURE Recomended for 17yrs and older