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June 23, 2004 --- I know that the Driver series and the GTA series are enemies but I went out and bought DRIV3R and it actually rocks! It looks like the getaway but it is a whole lot better (nothing can be as bad as the getaway) it has good graphics and sound and realistic damage on the cars, but no blood. (yet it still got a M rating) I Hope you like it I'll get more info and put it up here, till next time, RG :-P

June 15, 2004 --- More news about San Andreas, I will post the news on the San Andreas Page. San Andreas is going to be one of the biggest games Ive ever seen (in area) and fun! Ive got a cool layout for the site; they include a summer-themed one and a blue/gray one. I need fan art and if you have some E-Mail it to me!

May 16, 2004 --- Site still isnt fully completed. My Computer crashed so everything I did have I lost. The movie that was in the status bar is a movie I was making to give help on VC but later I gave up on it. Im receiving about 40 spam letters a day in my INBOX so if u send me letter its now not the crosslink e-mail address.
The cheat codes for GTAIII and VC (both PS2 and PC) are available in .pdf formats. (MUST HAVE ADOBE ACROBAT READER)

March 28, 2004 ---Im renovating the site for San Andreas. Sometimes when I opened the site I noticed an error message. Just click ok a few times and it should go away. Im still trying to figure out what's the problem. I also changed the look of the website.

March 2004 --- Sometime this month Rockstar made it official, the next Grand Theft Auto will be titled: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Like before with Vice City Rockstar will most likely not give out much info on SA.
We do know for sure that it will be released in October 2004, for the PS2

11/09/03 --- I now have a news bar (status bar) on the HOME, GTA: 3, and GTA: VC pages.

11/06/03 --- Site Opens

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