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Places to eat in San Andreas


Cluckin' Bell
Not just a naughty play-on-words, but also a place that chefs up some damned fine poultry dishes too! Included on the menu are the Cluckin' Big Filet Burger, the Cluckin' Huge Double Filet, the wings pieces bucket, and fowl wrap burrito. When you're through scarfing down your chicken carcass, be sure to ridicule the poor sucka wearing the fowl outfit behind the counter.


The Well Stacked Pizza Co.
The Well Stacked Pizza Co. started in Vice City, FL and grew their empire across the continental USA. The Buster, The D-Luxe, and The Double D-Luxe are just some of the tasty offerings available at this sometimes-rowdy and violent pie shack. Apparently, the staff doesn't look too kindly upon patrons that vomit smelly pools of cheesy puke on the countertops. What the hell's wrong with them?


The Burger Shot
The Double-Barreled Burger is a world-famous favorite here. Made from more than just lips and rump-meat, this burger is guaranteed to give you some much-needed energy after that long and tiring drive-by shooting. Burger me.


“Do you want that to go?”
The cities and streets of San Andreas feature many different mobile food shacks, including hotdog vendors and the like. These make for excellent targets for a quick calorie fix in the event that you can't make time for a proper sit-down meal affair